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28 Jan

What does the slowdown in the market mean for First Time Home Buyers?


Posted by: Leonore Claypool

The slowdown in the market actually benefits First Time Home Buyers because for the first time in years you can take your time to find the perfect home. Time gives you the opportunity to really get to know the area and the product available for sale. You also have far more choice and sellers are fairly motivated in Surrey, Langley and other areas of the Fraser Valley so there are some great deals available. Realtors have lots of time to do a full market research to negotiate the best purchase price. With time you can comfortably read and review strata documents for condos and townhomes without feeling pressured. You can actually get a property inspector to look at your home within a reasonable time. And you can get a fully pre-qualified mortgage with a 120 rate hold so there’s no need to worry loosing a great rate. Time gives you the ability to comfortably buy a home and feel that you made the best decision possible. So before the news discourages you think again – this is a great market for First Time Home Buyers.